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We’re confident our system works!

We have provided best pricing for thousands of accounts resulting in savings in the millions of dollars. This system has created residual incomes for our Field Agents who continue to get paid month after month after month for years as their clients pay their energy bills. The process is simple but it does require effort on the part of the Field Agent.

Here’s how the $1 enrollment option works -

  • Enroll for $1
  • $21 monthly admin fee

Here's how to get started -

  1. Click on the Enrollment Button below and complete the enrollment process. This will create your websites and provide full access to the complete Avion system.

  2. Enter your credit card information. Your card will be charged $1 for enrollment. At any time during the first 4 weeks (28 days) you determine this is not for you, contact us at and simply let us know you no longer want to pursue being an Avion Field Agent. We will cancel your enrollment and your card will not be charged the $21 monthly admin fee. You’ll have access to this email address in the “back office” of your website, or simply call our office for assistance. (678) 697-7717.

  3. Within 72 hours of your enrollment a corporate trainer will contact you (Mon – Fri) to schedule a time to begin training.
Enrollment Features
Monthly Admin Fee
One Time Enrollment Fee
Corporate Training Program
Agent Commission during Corporate Training
Agent Commission following Corporate Training
Recruiting Incentives – Override Commissions – Unlimited Width
Level 1
Recruiting Incentives – Override Commissions – Unlimited Width
Level 2
Recruiting Incentives – Override Commissions – Unlimited Width
Level 3
3 Easy Steps to Enrollment

Acknowledge the points below by selecting their radio button.


Enter your payment information on our secure server.


Finalize enrollment to create your personalized Avion Energy websites and Avion Direct Connect web portal.

Step One
Required Training*
Avion Energy is required to operate according to Industry Standards and I agree to complete any specified training.
Corporate Training Program*
I understand my Avion Corporate Trainer will contact me within 72 hours (Mon-Fri) of my enrollment. I will work with my corporate trainer to learn the Avion system and book my first 500,000 KWh of electricity and\or 50,000 therms of natural gas. The commissions rate  paid during the training program is 20%.
First Commission*
The process to switch a commercial energy consumer can take approximately 90 days. Commissions are earned after the process is complete. I understand my first commission check will be paid after the process is complete and may take approximately 90 days.
I agree to the Terms and conditions and agree to abide by the policies and procedures.*

Agent Agreement (click to view)
Policies and Procedures (click to view)
Group Compensation (click to view)

Avion Energy Field Agents Receive the Following Benefits.

  • Access to the Avion Energy System designed to produce best pricing from 51+ Energy Suppliers.
  • Corporate Training and Support from the Avion 5 Layer Support System – Corporate Trainers; Brokers; Field Mangers; Recruiters; Energy Industry Specialists; Avion Admin Staff; Avion Corporate Executives.
  • Accounting Services - Full reporting of client monthly consumption and commissions.
  • Personalized Marketing Materials.
  • Marketing Systems - Websites for client acquisition and Field Agent recruiting.
  • The opportunity to earn solid long term residual income.

Corporate Training Program

Every Field Agent who enrolls at Avion Energy starts in the Corporate Training Program.  This program will equip you with the fundamentals you’ll need to succeed as a Field Agent with Avion Energy.  You’ll work one on one with your corporate trainer to learn the process and the paperwork required to build a book of business. 

Your corporate trainer will walk you through the 5 step process.

  1. Direct Connect Portal
    a. You’ll learn Avion’s internet based system for managing your business. The Direct Connect Portal is used to manage prospects, submit requests for pricing, and manage contracts and renewals. As you build a team it gives you the ability to view where and how your team’s book of business is developing.

  2. Prospective Client Call –
    a. Your corporate trainer will work with you one on one to contact your prospective clients. They will share with you Avion’s unique service proposition and ways to communicate that to your client.
    b. You’ll learn the details of what documentation you’ll need to gather from the client in order to obtain the best price available.

  3. Enter Request for Pricing (RFP) –
    a. Your corporate trainer will assist you in entering your RFP into the Direct Connect Portal.
    b. Review next steps with you and coach you on what to communicate with your client while waiting on pricing from energy suppliers.

  4. Present Best Pricing –
    a. Review pricing presentation with you and coach you on what to communicate with your client to choose Provider and term.
    b. Request contract for your client and steps to successfully book the clients account.

  5. Submit Contract –
    a. Your corporate trainer will assist you in properly submitting your contract through the Direct Connect Portal.

The corporate training program will be designed around your schedule. While in the training program you’ll earn the Field Agent Trainee commission rate of 20%. 

Your corporate trainer will work with you to book 500,000 KWh of electricity and or 50,000 therms of natural gas. Upon completion of this objective you will receive your certification as a Qualified Field Agent and earn a commission rate of 35%.

It is common for most people entering the training program to successfully complete the program in 30 days. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss your schedule and your objectives in completing the program with your corporate trainer on the introductory call.

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